23 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

In celebration of Christmas, it has been a tradition of the Frankfurt Mission to make a Christmas DVD. Special thanks Elder Phelps, who spearheaded the project this year, and thanks as well to those who submitted pictures and videos!

Missionaries, you will be receiving a hard copy with your Christmas packages. Freut euch drauf!

Parents, you will be receiving a download link in your email. 

14 December 2013

I Want to Help My Missionary!

How can you best help your missionary with missionary work? Do your own! We are living in a new time where member missionary work is key in getting the work of salvation to move forward. As we all work together in this work of salvation, we will truly see many miracles!

Here are a few links to help you know how to get started!

Member Missionary Websites:

Member Missionary Articles and Talks:

D&C 21:7-9
  "7. For thus saith the Lord God: Him have I inspired to move the cause of Zion in mighty power for good, and his diligence I know, and his prayers I have heard.
    8. Yea, his weeping for Zion I have seen, and I will cause that he shall mourn for her no longer, for his days of rejoicing are come unto the remission of his sins, and the manifestation of my blessings upon his works. 
    9. For behold, I will bless all those who labor in my vineyard with a mighty blessing..."

Written by Sister Emily Davis, Bonn Ward

10 December 2013

Senior Couples Conference!

What? You mean the Senior Couples get Zone Conferences too?
Yep! And boy do we have some solid Senior Couples.

They are simply MARVELOUS! And they do so much for us Young'uns.

Here are some cool pictures from the latest Senior Conference in Rothenburg.
And YES, the were in a CASTLE!

25 November 2013

Zum Geburtstag...

Viel Glück!

Happy Birthday, Sister Schwartz! Vielen Dank für alles, was du für uns machst! Und wir wünschen dir alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

Another transfer has flown by- we have updated the maps and the transfer roster will be ready soon. In the meanwhile, we have another Success Story!

5 November 2013

Christmas List

For you wonderful Mothers who love to send wonderful Christmas packages to your missionaries, here are some guidelines for sending packages to make sure your son or daughter get their presents.

Please be extra careful to print the Mailing Label exactly as it is on the Mailing Tips, or it might not get to them. Germany is VERY picky about their mail.

18 October 2013

Transfers and Updates

The Frankfurt Mission just had another transfer go by, but not without change. We welcomed 14 new missionaries, opened another zone, reorganized a number of districts, and brought people to Christ all along the way!

So, here are some of the recent changes:
The Frankfurt Mission Maps have been updated! 

Baptismal Pictures have been uploaded!

Another new success story!

Also, our mission transfer video can still be viewed from this link.

For a full view of everyone's area, here's the transfer board

12 October 2013

Frankfurt Mission Transfer Video- now with real 3D effects!

We now have video evidence of the biggest transfer in Frankfurt mission history! Missionaries, the video is saved in the Dropbox under this link. The video is also embedded below.
Special credit goes to Elder Phelps, Elder Ryser, and Sister Miller for putting this film together- Thanks! I especially love the part where we all spontaneously develop superpowers and fly off into the sunse- oh whoops. Didn't mean to spoil the ending :P

26 September 2013

Initiative Brain Storming

For the Missionaries in Frankfurt Germany Mission:

MLC Brainstorming regarding the initiatives-
  • Book of Mormon
    • Creative Finding – Find those that will actually read
    • Prep the Book – Highlight key Scriptures and passages
      • Don’t Give out Blank Copies
      • Include testimonies as well
        • Member Testimonies – Member appointment commitment
    • Find out the Ward Goal and make it visual
      • Put that many Books of Mormon in the Lobby
      • Acts as a happy reminder to the members
    • Combine Books of Mormon with quotes and QR Codes
    • Use the Free Book Shelves in the city (But only if it’s legal)
    • Reading Flash Mob with the members (JAE’s perchance?)
    • Inspired language study activities – Study in a Public place (park, library, etc.)
    • Street Displays
    • Always keep a Book of Mormon in the hand
    • Contact a Sunday School teacher and have a Sunday school Class on the Book of Mormon. Have the teacher commit the class to take a Book of Mormon and pass it out (Link up with the ward)
  • Street Displays and Firesides
    • Career Night
    • Highlight talents or abilities in the District or ward
    • Include nonmembers in Firesides. Find talents or life experiences in the community
    • Use Street Displays to advertise firesides
    • Make street displays consistent, if small
    • Always invite the members
  • Family History
    • Learn how to use it yourself first!
      • Visit the module on missionary.lds.org
      • Visit your local genealogy center to get an introductory lesson
      • Take time to get to know it even more
    • Print your fan chart or old pictures of your relatives to show in Finding situations or appointments
    • Set up a Family home Evening with family history. (Get the opinion leader JAE on board)
    • Involve QR Codes
    • Come together with people who already know how to do it (Genealogy or family history societies in the cities where you live)
    • Indexing service project or Indexing party with the youth
      • Plan ahead for an upcoming youth temple trip and talk to leaders beforehand to have a mutual activity on indexing and finding your own names to go to the temple with
  • Mormon Messages
    • QR Codes – Packet to carry around (forthcoming from Sis. Chard)
    • Personal Advertising
      • Patches, stickers, Buttons, etc.
    • Member Appointments (Investigator and less-Active as well)
      • Commitments – Share on Facebook
      • Chain Emails
    • Ward Activities
    • Quotes and QR Codes
  • Service Projects
    • 48% of Street contacts consent to giving out personal information when asked to join in a service project
    • Group up with other organizations
      • Do a Street Display to advertise
    • Go to the Stadthaus (Bürgeramt)
    • Senior Home
    • Animal Shelter
    • Get as many people together as possible
    • Talk to Business people (they’re oftentimes required by their companies to render service)
    • Random acts of service
      • Just do. Don’t ask.

20 September 2013


During MLC, a few intrepid Elders and Sisters battled against pouring rain and the raging beasts of the Frankfurt University to do a finding activity. The results were miraculous- about 30 potential investigators were found and not even a single Golden was lost! ... or... got lost, as it were...

The University Elders were nice enough to document the success for us- Check it out on the Success Stories page!

19 September 2013

Senior Missionary Picture Competition!

As per the APs' invitation, here are the submissions for the 'Most Beautiful Part of Your Area' picture competition!


                                  Koblenz and Braunfels- submitted by Elder Pferdner in Frankfurt

Rimpar and Würzburg- Submitted by Elder Neugebauer in Würzburg

7 September 2013

Look! We fixed the maps!

Last transfer, we experienced the highest amount of changes we've ever had here in the mission. Nearly every companionship got a change, and about 10 new areas were opened up. So, to keep you all in the loop, we finally got around to updating those mission maps! Go check them out on this link!

Oh, and pictures of the insanity of transfers are here! Check out the pictures section(s)!

4 September 2013

Writing to Your Missionary

Letters from home are gold out here in the field, but some are better than others. Here are some articles from the church with tips on how to write your missionary.

Letters and Packages can be sent to a missionaries appartment address, but it is better to send them to the mission office address. This way they won't get lost if a missionary gets transferred or if no one is there to pick the package up. Missionaries will get mail from the office each time someone comes from Frankfurt (Zone Conference, Missionary Leadership Council, etc.). It may seem like a long time to wait for it to be delivered from the office, but that's why it's important that there is a giant stack of letters waiting when your missionary finally gets his or her mail.

31 August 2013

Tips on Shopping and Packing for Your Mission

We know how it is packing for a mission. You are about to leave for a year and a half with only two and a half suitcases, and you have no idea what to fill them with. The call packet gives general suggestions as to what you might need but you are desperate for answers, right? So, we decided to help out a bit. For the future of the mission! We just went through the call packet and made additions as we saw fit. Don't stress out too much. Whatever you pack, you will make it through the 18 months just fine, but hopefully these suggestions will help.



Bags are important. You will carry this around everyday, lots of times running to catch trains or buses and it will hold lots of keys to missionary work like copies of The Book of Mormon and pass-along cards. Here are some tips when you are looking for a bag:
  • Backpacks are not allowed. You will need to buy a side bag. Buy one with a strap that crosses your body and easily stays on as you walk (like I said, you will do a lot of running after trains and buses) 
  • Get one with a thick shoulder strap. It won't kill your shoulder after wearing it all day. If it has a shoulder pad, even better. 
  • Make sure it's durable. A bag is a good thing to spend a little money on. You will want it to last. Bags breaking during the day is a big pain. 
  • To help you estimate about how big it should be, here is a list of what I am carrying in my bag right now (average day): One English Book of Mormon, one German Book of Mormon, a stack of pass-along cards, my wallet, a cell phone, a tiny travel dictionary (buy one! Langenscheidt makes really small ones called"Langenscheidt Reisewörterbuch Englisch" and they are so handy.), my camera, a small notebook, my planner, a few pens, a few personal items like lotion, cough drops, mints, tissues, etc. 
You will also need to buy luggage. Costco is a great place to look. Buy two Large bags and one small carry-on roller bag. The ones that roll in all directions are best. Make them sturdy. You will carry them around when you arrive and leave the MTC and the field and every transfer day.

Study Items:
Bring all the books in the missionary library, all the rest you will get in the MTC. Also print off some of your favorite talks to bring along.

Personal Items
These are some of the personal items from the call packet and our suggestions.

Umbrella: Buy them cheap. They break all the time and you can get them here for like 2€. It does rain a lot here though, so plan on having one. The smaller the better, so it can fit in your bag.

Clothes Hangers: Don't bring them. You can buy them here and they take up way too much space in your suitcase.

Towels: You need a towel for your time at the MTC, but in the field, you don't need them (unless you are a germaphobe, then bring your own). The two suggestions we have is either bring an old towel for your time at the MTC and throw it away when you leave OR buy a "Missionary Towel" from Deseret Book. They are thin but super absorbent and take up no space or weight.

Bedding: You don't need it (unless you are a germaphobe). It is provided in the MTC and in the field.

Personal Supplies: Most "personal items" are easy to find in Germany. However, there are a couple exceptions. Take note and stock up. Deodorant. The German deodorant does not work. Bring enough deodorant to last you 18 months (about 5-7 sticks will work) or else you will be stinky. Tampons. They have tampons in Germany, but they don't have an applicator, so if you use tampons, bring a costco pack from America. Hand Sanitizer. They don't have it here and it is really handy when you are riding on public transport all day long. Buy some good smelling kind from Bath and Body Works. It's an extra treat every now and then to smell good. They also have little bottles that can hang on your bag, which are really handy, and a good finding tool, because TONS of Germans ask you what it is.

Make-Up: As you decide what make-up to pack, keep in mind that you will have 30 minutes to get ready in the MTC and about 40 minutes in the field. You will have no time to reapply make up during the day. The following make-up brands are commonly available in Germany: Essence, P2, Catrice, Manhattan, Sally Hansen, Essie, Astor, Maybelline, L'Oreal, and Max Factor. Any other make up, you will need to bring an 18 month supply.

Shampoo and Conditioner: Any shampoo and conditioner you can buy at Wal Mart is available in Germany.

Miscellaneous Items: some notes on the list of "Miscellaneous Items" that they tell you to bring. You do not need the following items: shoe shine (you will just end up buying new shoes anyway), small flashlight, batteries (you can buy them here), and you don't need a passport holder. It also tells you to bring a laundry bag. Bring one of those ones that stands up on its own and folds small. It's better that they stand so you can just toss things into them, and they need to fold to fit easily in your luggage. You can buy them at Wal Mart. Consider bringing two of them (one for garments, one for clothes. One for putting into the washer, one for taking out. The possibilities are endless).

Voltage: The voltage here is different. Most straighteners and curling irons work fine with a converter, but hair dryers don't. Hair Dryers are pretty cheap here, and you can often find one left from old sisters in the apartment. Just leave your American one home. Buy one or two plug converters and bring a USB to Plug converter. They come in handy.


The packet simply states "8 Outfits". But what does that mean? It says something about wearing professional suits. Don't stress. Basically you'll be wearing what you wear every sunday. Just skirts, blouses, sweaters, and jackets, etc. Bring at least 12 outfits, not eight.

It also talks about bringing things that are versatile. It's good advice, but we would suggest choosing either your skirts to be versatile or your shirts. If you have a bunch of crazy blouses, then buy all solid skirts so you can make lots of different outfits. If you have lots of crazy skirts, buy solid shirts. If you buy everything solid colors, it gets really boring.

Now here are some tips on certain items of clothing:

Skirts: Find these while you are still in America and can still shop online. Skirts to the knee are not very common in Germany, so don't wait to buy them here. As you look for skirts, the most common knee length skirts will be pencil skirts. Don't give in! Bring at most, one pencil skirt. They are hard to walk in, they ride up, and they are uncomfortable. You will really only be able to wear them on days that you have meetings and will be sitting all day. Find A-Line skirts, circle skirts, full skirts. Ones that flow and let you move. You can wear them both in winter and in summer.

Shirts: Shirts are much easier to find. Along with whatever you buy, buy lots of layer T-Shirts for underneath. Bring at least 2-3 white ones. They wear out and discolor quickly and you will want replacements, and they are not as easy to find in Germany. Along with those, bring a few other neutral colors (black, cream, brown, etc.)

Slips: One black and one white will be enough. Bring static spray-- they get staticky.

Tights: You will mostly only wear tights when it's cold. It is worth it to buy a few pairs of thick tights for winter. For nylons, just buy a few really cheap pairs. They will get runs in them really fast.

Accesories: Just a few pairs of simple stud earrings will work. Use your own judgement on whether jewlery is distracting or not.

Garments: About 10 pairs will work. Most sisters like the Carinessa 2 material. Some Sisters like to wear thermal garments in winter. Because we will all wear garments, make sure you mark yours on the tags. Writing your name with a fabric pen isn't the best way to do it, because after a few washes it becomes illegible. Just buy a certain color fabric pen and make a certain symbol so that others know they are yours and they don't get lost in the wash. For example, you could draw purple triangles on all your tags.

Shoes: Every Sister splurges and buys expensive shoes with a thick sole so that her feet will be "comfortable". Then she wears them for a few days, gets bloody, blistered feet, buys some 10€ flats from H&M and continues to wear cheap shoes through the rest of her mission. Don't buy those Sister Missionary shoes. They are heavy, unattractive, expensive and will kill your feet. Just buy a few pairs of cheap flats. They will be worn out within a few months and you will need to buy new ones, but it will still cost less than the expensive killer shoes. Buy one pair of black flats, and one pair of tan flats and you will have flats to go with every outfit. You may also want to bring something that will help your feet not stink, if that exists.

Preparation Day and Exercise: The good thing about exercise clothes, service clothes, and pajamas, is that they can all be the same. For all these activities, just bring: a pair of sweats (not tight), a few T-Shirts and a couple pairs of knee-length shorts, and a zip-up hoodie. You will also want to bring one or two pairs of jeans. Make sure they are not too tight and not low-ride. For exercise shoes, bring your favorite running shoes. You will exercise every morning. For service and P-Day activities, you can bring a pair of vans or shoes like that. You can also buy those shoes here for cheap at H&M or places like that.

Pajamas: It says to bring a robe and slippers. Bring them, even if you don't usually use them. Robes are good because you are always with your companion, and it is good to cover up when you come out of the bathroom. Bring slippers, because there is not very much carpet here. The floor is cold and dirty.

Fabric and Care: You will have a washing machine, but no dryer. Your clothes will hang-dry on racks. You will also have an iron and ironing board. Dry cleaning is available, but you will most likely not have the time or money to dry clean.


What kind of weather should I pack for?

You are probably also worried about what the weather is like here and how much warm weather and how much cold weather clothing to pack.

So what is the weather like in Germany? It's really random. One day it's sunny summer and the next day it's rainy and cold. But it basically has normal seasons. It is cold and snowy in winter, rainy spring, hot summer. So you will need a little bit of everything.

For cold weather, pack:

A Coat: If you are coming in the summer months, don't pack a coat and just buy one here. If you are coming in the winter, bring one. Buy a warm one that is easy to move around in, and fairly simple to take on and off. For rainy weather, you may also want to have a thinner rain coat.

Leggings: Stock up on thick leggings. You will wear them almost everyday in winter. The warmer the better. Neutral Colors.

Tights: Buy a few thick tights for cold weather.

Socks: Bring wool tights. You will also wear them almost every day in winter. Neutral colors are best. Also bring some little white socks for sport and extra cold days to keep your toes warm.

Sweaters: Cardigans are a good way too keep you warm, and switch your outfits up. Don't go just neutral on cardigans, get some color in there too.

Boots: You will wear boots everyday in winter. They are worth spending a little more money. Buy one black pair and one tan pair and you will have a pair for every outfit.

Scarves: Bring big knitted scarves. They will help keep you warm, and if you don't wear them, Germans will scold you for not wearing warm enough clothing and then force you to take one of theirs. One black and one tan or cream and you will have one for every outfit.

Hats: Hats that will keep your ears warm are best. Just little knitted hats.

Gloves: You need gloves. Remember that you will be handing things out a lot. Make sure you can move your fingers enough to reach into your bag and pick up a pass-along card.

Even though you will probably worry most about being warm enough in winter, also remember that Germany has some really hot days as well. For warm weather, just bring flowy skirts and short sleeved shirts, preferably shirts that you don't need to wear an undershirt with.

The standard for music, from the white handbook is as follows:

"Listen only to music that is consistent with the sacred spirit of your calling. Music should invite the Spirit, help you focus on the work, and direct your thoughts and feelings to the Savior. Do not listen to music that pulls your thoughts away from your work, merely entertains, has romantic lyrics or overtones, or dulls your spiritual sensitivity by its tempo, beat, loudness, lyrics, or intensity. Listening to music must never interfere with your personal preparation or proselyting."

We follow this standard.

You will want music that you like listening to, though, and lots of it. Don't just bring MoTab, get some good church music that you like. Deseret Book or BYU Bookstore are great places to look.

Load all your music onto a USB Drive. You will be able to play it directly from the USB with the DVD player in your apartment. No need to bring an iPod.

You will not be able to download music very easily after leaving home, because you are only allowed to be on church websites while in the field. So stock up.

It is also a good idea to download MP3 versions of talks from devotionals, lectures, general conference, etc. You will much appreciate those things in the field if you take the time to find them. Download tons of talks about things that you are interested in. Again, just load onto a USB drive.


What will I use to communicate with my family and friends?

Emails: You will be able to email your family and friends every monday. You will have 30 minutes to do so in the MTC and about 90 minutes in the field.

Letters: You can also write letters on P-Day, but you won't have tons of time to do so. The post in Germany is very good though, and your letters will be sent home quickly. Stamps are also very cheap. International stamps are only 75 cents. Sending Packages home, however is not cheap.
Wait until you get to Germany to buy envelopes. Some American envelopes don't work here.

Will I have to buy a bike?
No. Most of the time you will take public transport. Some areas have bikes, but most Sisters do not use them, because they can also take the bus. Sisters hardly ever use cars and if they do, they share it with Elders. If your area uses bikes, you won't need to buy them with your own money. You will just need to give $100 to the Mission Bike Fund.


We hope that this helps you prepare for the best 18 months of your life. We are so excited to recieve more well-prepared Sisters into our mission. Happy Packing!

Liebe Grüße,

Sister Leavitt und Sister Heindel
Sister Training Leaders in the Düsseldorf Zone
Germany Frankfurt Mission

23 August 2013

Elder Axel H. Leimer's Thank You to the Mission

Axel H. Leimer Area Seventy – Europe Area 5. August 2013

Dear Elders and Sisters, Please allow me to congratulate you on your arrival or continued service in this, the Lord’s great work. I admire your dedication and skill, as I had the opportunity to observe some of you in your work. You have recently accomplished a great work, saving many souls as you have worked with the bishops and ward councils to find people to teach and rescue the lost sheep. In June of 2013 many wards have experienced the greatest increase in sacrament meeting attendance we have seen in many years. Heavenly Father is beginning to pour out His blessings as we work hard, are obedient, and perform our labors the way the Lord would have us do it. Please let me say something more to these three points:

Working hard means that we are fully dedicated and leave everything else behind, including our fears, feelings of inadequacy and doubts. With the Lord nothing is too hard.

Being obedient means that we pay close attention to the commandments of God and the mission rules. We should strive for excellence in our standard of obedience. By doing so, we make sure, that there is nothing that prevents us from receiving the Lord’s blessings and being guided by the Spirit continually.

Doing it the Lord’s way- to me means that we align ourselves with the prophet of God and other priesthood leaders assisting him, which for you is primarily your mission president. Get behind the mission president’s vision. Try to match his dedication. Follow his example in loving those you seek to teach. Doing it the Lord’s way, for you has meant a change in the way you work. The brethren have given us a renewed emphasis, a focus on working with members, coordinating more with ward councils, asking for referrals at every turn. President Monson has identified this as the better way to do missionary work.

Changing the way you do missionary work from a good way to the better way requires courage and faith. Each time we seek to improve upon ourselves and try to move the work forward there will be a trial of faith before the blessings will come. Thank you for showing that courage and faith!

Well done, Elders and Sisters!

Ehe Paaren

We love our Ehe Paaren! 

"I express gratitude for our senior missionaries. They are young in spirit, wise, and willing to work. They even tolerate remarks from their fun-filled children who might change President Spencer W. Kimball’s plea “Lengthen your stride” to “Hasten your shuffle.” These dear members are willing to serve and strengthen the lives of others. Even if these seniors don’t know the local language, their accomplishments are great and their spirit of sacrifice is precious."

Senior Missionaries- Most Beautiful Pictures of Your Area

How many collective Grandchildren does the Frankfurt Mission have?

and counting!
1 on the way
4 Great Grandchildren

Bangeter - 20 + 1 great grandchild
Burden - 15
Burnett - 8
Clement - 3
Gordon - 5
Jackson - 23
Leonhardt - 9
Lindgrens - 28
Kutschke - 0
Neugebauers - 19
Oettels - 6
Pferdner - 20
Schwendimann - 21
Seelos - 26
Smith -7 + 3 great grandchildren
Stoddard - 7
Vermillion - 6

Supply Orders

All supplies will now be ordered through email to the following address:


Orders must be in 2-3 days before Zone Conference or you will not receive your supplies until a subsequent meeting. 

Only missionary supplies are to be ordered through the office. NO scripture cases, hymn books, etc. can be ordered here. For these things, go visit the store at lds.org.

Do not order more than what you and your companion can carry! Supplies will be delivered at the next available Zone Conference.


  • Book of Mormon Audio (german)
  • Book of Mormon Audio (english)
  • Prophesies About German Missions


    Many Prophets and Apostles from this dispensation have prophesied concerning missionary work and the growth of the Lord's Kingdom in this land.  You may consider taking some time to consider what your role is in fulfilling these prophesies:

    Joseph Smith:

    "England, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Holland and Belgium have, among their population, a large amount of the blood of Israel that has to be gathered."

    "Among the German speaking people there are thousands and thousands of people belonging to the House of Israel."

    Orson Pratt:

    "In the name of Jesus Christ, I prophesy that among the Germans there is a great work to do. Bigger than in all other countries and in a short time this work will have more converts to the Kingdom of God than in any other nation."

    President Marion G. Romney 1973 (Area Conference in Munich) with the following visionary proclamation:

    "In this country thousands of people will join the church and Zion will rise up and beam brightly…
    The church will flourish in this country …. The work will progress, there will be beautiful chapels …and large congregations will gather. We will hold conferences that thousand will participate in."

    President Spencer W. Kimball
    (Area conference Dortmund 1976)

    "In Germany, Switzerland and in Austria there will be hundreds of stakes, HUNDREDS! And we want you to count on that, look forward to it and help with it.
    In Europe there can also be dozens of temples if you start to prepare yourselves and the people around you. For God nothing is impossible. For humans nothing is impossible if they prepare to become Gods one day. What you dream about, you can bring about."

    In the year 1968 President Monson prophesied:

    "If you remain faithful to the commandments of God you will be able to have all of the blessing that church members in other counties have."

    In 1975 President Monson was moved upon by the Holy Ghost to dedicate the county unto the Lord. He said:  

    “Father, this shall be the beginning of a new day for the members of thy church in this country.”  He prayed that the desire of the hearts of the members to ‘receive the blessings of the temple’ might be fulfilled.
    President Monson’s inspired promise and prophetic dedicatory prayer have been fulfilled.
    On June 29, 1985 the Freiburg temple in East Germany was dedicated. Many miracles had preceded this dedication.

    Elder Holland 1995

    "The church in Europe must live again.
    From the beginning the work of the church was borne on the backs of the European Saints. Do not think that the great days of gathering in Europe are past. This is our time.
    In Europe is the richest collection of Israelite blood that we know about. The blood of Israel from this land has saved the church. They left behind family, children, grandchildren and friends. They are still here, and we must find them. The blood of Israel is here."

    "Brethren, the Spirit of the work is urgent and we must let the Spirit of today enter into the missionaries and the members.
    We don’t wait for the natural, slow growth. We must move forward faster. We must increase our pace in all things.
    If we have to call down miracles or angels, then call them down. This drama is unfolding, and we must do everything necessary to lift the work. We are not talking about Kamikaze reactions. Be wise! Be thoughtful. Maybe we have not stepped forward enough where miracles happen. Move forward to the edge of the cliff. Demand these blessings and call them down from heaven. This work is urgent. The gifts of heaven are here. That we are to receive miracles, revelations, help from the Lord is known to us intellectually, but practiced too little and forgotten too often. We need a sharp turn in our path or a raising of our platform.
    See things the way God sees them.
    Lift your eyes. Look at the fields already ready for the harvest."

    In February 2010 President Uchtdorf dedicated the whole of Germany by the power of his apostolic calling and commissioned by President Monson.

    “It is the dawn of a new day…, a new chapter that builds upon the dedicatory prayer that President Monson left with the former Dresden mission which led to so many blessings in our country.”