23 August 2013

Elder Axel H. Leimer's Thank You to the Mission

Axel H. Leimer Area Seventy – Europe Area 5. August 2013

Dear Elders and Sisters, Please allow me to congratulate you on your arrival or continued service in this, the Lord’s great work. I admire your dedication and skill, as I had the opportunity to observe some of you in your work. You have recently accomplished a great work, saving many souls as you have worked with the bishops and ward councils to find people to teach and rescue the lost sheep. In June of 2013 many wards have experienced the greatest increase in sacrament meeting attendance we have seen in many years. Heavenly Father is beginning to pour out His blessings as we work hard, are obedient, and perform our labors the way the Lord would have us do it. Please let me say something more to these three points:

Working hard means that we are fully dedicated and leave everything else behind, including our fears, feelings of inadequacy and doubts. With the Lord nothing is too hard.

Being obedient means that we pay close attention to the commandments of God and the mission rules. We should strive for excellence in our standard of obedience. By doing so, we make sure, that there is nothing that prevents us from receiving the Lord’s blessings and being guided by the Spirit continually.

Doing it the Lord’s way- to me means that we align ourselves with the prophet of God and other priesthood leaders assisting him, which for you is primarily your mission president. Get behind the mission president’s vision. Try to match his dedication. Follow his example in loving those you seek to teach. Doing it the Lord’s way, for you has meant a change in the way you work. The brethren have given us a renewed emphasis, a focus on working with members, coordinating more with ward councils, asking for referrals at every turn. President Monson has identified this as the better way to do missionary work.

Changing the way you do missionary work from a good way to the better way requires courage and faith. Each time we seek to improve upon ourselves and try to move the work forward there will be a trial of faith before the blessings will come. Thank you for showing that courage and faith!

Well done, Elders and Sisters!

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