18 October 2013

Transfers and Updates

The Frankfurt Mission just had another transfer go by, but not without change. We welcomed 14 new missionaries, opened another zone, reorganized a number of districts, and brought people to Christ all along the way!

So, here are some of the recent changes:
The Frankfurt Mission Maps have been updated! 

Baptismal Pictures have been uploaded!

Another new success story!

Also, our mission transfer video can still be viewed from this link.

For a full view of everyone's area, here's the transfer board

12 October 2013

Frankfurt Mission Transfer Video- now with real 3D effects!

We now have video evidence of the biggest transfer in Frankfurt mission history! Missionaries, the video is saved in the Dropbox under this link. The video is also embedded below.
Special credit goes to Elder Phelps, Elder Ryser, and Sister Miller for putting this film together- Thanks! I especially love the part where we all spontaneously develop superpowers and fly off into the sunse- oh whoops. Didn't mean to spoil the ending :P