22 March 2015

March Zone Conferences

The mission was pleased to have three zone conferences in March.  Our focus was on using time wisely and chapter 8 of Preach My Gospel.

Conferences were held at the following locations:

Offenbach (hosting the Frankfurt, Friedrichsdorf, Heidelberg, and Kaiserslautern zones)

Nürnberg (hosting Nürnberg and Erfurt zones)

Düsseldorf (hosting Düsseldorf and Dortmund zones)

13 March 2015

Welcome Sister Osterloh and Elder Fingerle

We would like to officially welcome Sister Osterloh and Elder Fingerle as church service missionaries in the mission office here in Frankfurt!

Sister Osterloh with President and Sister Stoddard

Sister Osterloh and Elder Fingerle
We are excited to work with you!

4 March 2015

Leaver's Group

Thank you so much for all of your service here in the Germany Frankfurt Mission! We will miss you and we are so grateful for your hard work, examples, and leadership!

Elders Standring, Tyler Noorda, Keith Noorda, Brown, Henderson, Smith, Pratt, Ward, Tolson, Renn, Young, Cochran, Rogers, Miller, Lake, Nelson, Simpson and Patrick and Sisters Madsen, Sherwood, Fowlke, Hamner, and Goodrich finished their missions at the end of this past transfer.

Golden Book on the Google Drive!

Check out and download a copy of the new Golden Book from President and Sister Stoddard on the Mission Drive in the folder "Golden Orientation."

Welcome to Germany!

This transfer we welcomed 25 new Goldens to the Germany Frankfurt Mission!

Goldens arriving at the Frankfurt Airport

President and Sister Stoddard with the newly arrived group of missionaries

Elder Fletcher with his trainer, Elder Kress

Elder Moore with his trainer, Elder Black

Elder Jensen with his trainer, Elder Cocker

Sister Carroll with her trainer, Sister Bunderson

Sister Sant with her trainer, Sister Megli

Elder Hinchman with his trainer, Elder Thompson

Sister Jeppesen with her trainer, Sister Ferris

Sister Roderer with her trainer, Sister Eschenmann

Elder Klingler with his trainer, Elder Byrd

Elder Barnhill with his trainer, Elder Christensen

Elder Draper with his trainer, Elder Overall

Elder Blanchard with his trainer, Elder Fitzgerald

Elder Freeland with his trainer, Elder Shelley

Elder Morley with his trainer, Elder Robinson

Sister Peterson with her trainer, Sister Brown

Sister Helmick with her trainer, Sister Lyman

Sister Nielson with her trainer, Sister Blackhurst

Elder Keck with his trainer, Elder Bader

Sister Hallmann with her trainer, Sister Terry

Elder Kelson with his trainer, Elder Kitchen

Sister Markl with her trainer, Sister Knutson

Elder Butler with his trainer, Elder Schmidt

Sister Young with her trainer, Sister Pitts

Elder Blau with his trainer, Elder Bruneel

Elder Garcia with his trainer, Elder King