31 January 2013

BUCH MORMON DVD (Deutsch/Englisch)


DOWNLOAD HIER (dauert zwischen 10-30min zum downloaden):


Kostenloses Brenn Programm

Im Media Markt oder Saturn besorgen.

Diese DVD soll zu jedem Buch Mormon, das wir verteilen ausgegeben werden. Bitte holt euch hilfe in den Gemeinden mit dem brennen.

13 January 2013

Website for missionary work

There's a really great website of the Church for everybody who's interested in missionary work, especially ward mission leaders.

Check it out:

4 January 2013

Nürnberg Students at Church

10 students wanted to know more about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Nürnberg. The Missionary's showed them the Church and answered many questions they´ve had!

How can YOU reach out to the students in your area?

(Thanks for the support from Elder & Sister Archibald in the Center for Young Adult in Nürnberg)

2 January 2013

10 new missionaries arrived!

Today we are happy to welcome 10 new missionaries into the Mission:
Elders Checketts, Colsen, Holmes, Jackson, Lindsey, Newell, Robinson, Swan, Watts and Wright!