23 August 2013

Prophesies About German Missions


Many Prophets and Apostles from this dispensation have prophesied concerning missionary work and the growth of the Lord's Kingdom in this land.  You may consider taking some time to consider what your role is in fulfilling these prophesies:

Joseph Smith:

"England, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Holland and Belgium have, among their population, a large amount of the blood of Israel that has to be gathered."

"Among the German speaking people there are thousands and thousands of people belonging to the House of Israel."

Orson Pratt:

"In the name of Jesus Christ, I prophesy that among the Germans there is a great work to do. Bigger than in all other countries and in a short time this work will have more converts to the Kingdom of God than in any other nation."

President Marion G. Romney 1973 (Area Conference in Munich) with the following visionary proclamation:

"In this country thousands of people will join the church and Zion will rise up and beam brightly…
The church will flourish in this country …. The work will progress, there will be beautiful chapels …and large congregations will gather. We will hold conferences that thousand will participate in."

President Spencer W. Kimball
(Area conference Dortmund 1976)

"In Germany, Switzerland and in Austria there will be hundreds of stakes, HUNDREDS! And we want you to count on that, look forward to it and help with it.
In Europe there can also be dozens of temples if you start to prepare yourselves and the people around you. For God nothing is impossible. For humans nothing is impossible if they prepare to become Gods one day. What you dream about, you can bring about."

In the year 1968 President Monson prophesied:

"If you remain faithful to the commandments of God you will be able to have all of the blessing that church members in other counties have."

In 1975 President Monson was moved upon by the Holy Ghost to dedicate the county unto the Lord. He said:  

“Father, this shall be the beginning of a new day for the members of thy church in this country.”  He prayed that the desire of the hearts of the members to ‘receive the blessings of the temple’ might be fulfilled.
President Monson’s inspired promise and prophetic dedicatory prayer have been fulfilled.
On June 29, 1985 the Freiburg temple in East Germany was dedicated. Many miracles had preceded this dedication.

Elder Holland 1995

"The church in Europe must live again.
From the beginning the work of the church was borne on the backs of the European Saints. Do not think that the great days of gathering in Europe are past. This is our time.
In Europe is the richest collection of Israelite blood that we know about. The blood of Israel from this land has saved the church. They left behind family, children, grandchildren and friends. They are still here, and we must find them. The blood of Israel is here."

"Brethren, the Spirit of the work is urgent and we must let the Spirit of today enter into the missionaries and the members.
We don’t wait for the natural, slow growth. We must move forward faster. We must increase our pace in all things.
If we have to call down miracles or angels, then call them down. This drama is unfolding, and we must do everything necessary to lift the work. We are not talking about Kamikaze reactions. Be wise! Be thoughtful. Maybe we have not stepped forward enough where miracles happen. Move forward to the edge of the cliff. Demand these blessings and call them down from heaven. This work is urgent. The gifts of heaven are here. That we are to receive miracles, revelations, help from the Lord is known to us intellectually, but practiced too little and forgotten too often. We need a sharp turn in our path or a raising of our platform.
See things the way God sees them.
Lift your eyes. Look at the fields already ready for the harvest."

In February 2010 President Uchtdorf dedicated the whole of Germany by the power of his apostolic calling and commissioned by President Monson.

“It is the dawn of a new day…, a new chapter that builds upon the dedicatory prayer that President Monson left with the former Dresden mission which led to so many blessings in our country.”


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