21 June 2014

Another round of Goldens!

The latest set of excited new Elders and Sisters arrived here on Wednesday morning and were paired with their trainers on Thursday morning.  Here are their pictures!

Elder Rodgers and Elder Windhorst
Elder Pratt and Elder Werber

Elder Swan and Elder Cloward

Elder Christensen and Elder Bean

Elder Noorda and Elder Gajdos

Elder Lewis and Elder Brown

Elder Ostler and Elder Meinhardt

Elder Cole and Elder Basinger

Elder Lake and Elder Ireton

Elder Robinson and Elder Brown

Elder Trippe and Elder Hobson

Elder Barney and Elder Frickey

Elder Von Wallwitz and Elder Turley

Elder Christenson and Elder Checketts

Elder Andrew and Elder Arts

Elder Standring and Elder Tischner

Elder Bishop and Peatross

Elder Gerrat and Elder Beverlin

Elder Kitchen, Elder Lovelace, and Elder McGinn
Sister Clendon and Sister Oliphant

Sister Diethelm and Sister Gardner
BONUS: Check out these pictures from Elder Checketts' (left) and Elder Christenon's (right) past life!