24 July 2015

Tschüß to the folks behind the scenes: the Bangerters.

In the movie The Wizard of Oz, there is a scene near the end of the film where Dorothy takes a peek behind a curtain and sees a man pulling levers and running the special effects. A voice then commands her: Pay no attention to the man behind the screen.

In the Wizard of Oz, the man is the Wizard himself.

In the Germany Frankfurt Mission, the man is Elder Lynn Bangerter, mission secretary; and the person standing next to him helping him pull all the levers is Sister Eileen Bangerter.

You know when you got that first e-mail from the mission welcoming you to Germany and telling what to do when you got here? That letter came from the Bangerters.

You know that grey “Geistlicher Ausweis,” your instructions on getting your visa, information on what to pack etc.; you know where that came from? Again, it came from the Bangerters.

For nearly 18 months, whenever a missionary came stumbling off an airplane or whenever a missionary packed up and went home, chances are the Bangerters sweated bullets to make sure the servants of the Lord arrived and returned exactly when and where they were supposed to.

And now, they’re going home, back to Tempe, Arizona, to be exact, to return to their roles as Mom and Dad, Grandpa and Grandma and brother and sister. Fifty years ago, Elder Bangerter served here when the Germany Frankfurt Mission was known as the West German Mission. 

Or as we said then, Die Bestdeutsche Mission.  

It still is, thanks to the service of missionaries like Elder Lynn and Sister Eileen Bangerter.

Vielen Dank für Ihren selbstlosen Dienst und alles wofür Sie uns getan haben!

Thanks for making it such a great ride for all of us!

Sister Eileen Bangerter and Elder Lynn Bangerter on a P-Day in Heidelberg

24 June 2015

New Arrivals-June 24

  • We welcome ten new missionaries this transfer into the mission.  The three sisters came from the MTC in Preston, England, and the other seven elders came from the Provo, Utah, MTC.  We are excited to have all of them!
New missionaries at the Frankfurt Airport
  • After arriving at the airport the missionaries participated in a variety of activities throughout the day.  Orientation, interviews with President Stoddard, and lunch all took place at the home of President and Sister Stoddard.  The new arrivals also participated in a street display held in downtown Frankfurt.  

The New Missionaries with President and Sister Stoddard!

Elder Ewing
Elder Draper
Elder Downs
Elder Thaxton
Elder Flickinger
Elder Park
Elder Woolley
Sister Riser
Sister Bader
Sister Alves

  • After their long day, the new missionaries were taken to a hotel where they slept overnight.  Then the next day they were paired up with their trainers and sent to the new areas!

The New Missionaries with their Trainers!

Elder Park with his trainer Elder Webber

Elder Woolley with his trainer, Elder Bezzant

Elder Thaxton with his trainer, Elder Tischner

Elder Ewing with his trainer, Elder Morris

Elder Flickinger with his trainer, Elder Crittenden

Elder Downs with his trainer, Elder Sollis

Elder Draper with his trainer, Elder Andrus

Sister Alves with her trainer, Sister Rowe

Sister Riser with her trainer, Sister Godwin
Sister Bader with her trainer, Sister Hyatt

23 June 2015

Welcome to Elder and Sister Hemingway

We welcomed Elder and Sister Hemingway this week into the mission!  They have the assignment to serve in the Bitburg area and are serving as Military Relations missionaries.  They will be a valuable addition to the missionaries here in the mission.  We are excited to have them with us in this wonderful work of our Savior!

21 May 2015

Missionary Arrivals-20 May

We welcomed seven new missionaries into the mission on the May 20th.  They arrived at the airport around nine.  

President and Sister Stoddard greeted them at the airport, and afterward they were taken to the mission home.  At President Stoddard's home an orientation was led as well as interviews.  During they day the new missionaries also took part in a street display in downtown Germany!


The new arrivals with President and Sister Stoddard Stoddard!

Elder Russell
Elder Butler
Elder Stephen
Elder Hooper
Elder Myers
Elder Dowdy
Sister Hadfield

After their long day, all of them got to go to bed early at a hotel near the Frankfurt airport.  The next day around eight in the morning they met their trainer and then headed off to their new area!

Elder Butler with his trainer, Elder White

Elder Russell with his trainer, Elder Vogl

Elder Hooper with his trainer, Elder Peiffer

Elder Stephen with his trainer, Elder Murray

Elder Dowdy with his trainer, Elder Hatch

Elder Myers with his trainer, Elder Escholt

Sister Hadfield with her trainer, Sister Roderer

5 May 2015

Welcome Elder and Sister Jarrard

We are pleased to welcome Elder and Sister Jarrard to the Frankfurt Germany Mission! They arrived earlier today and they have received the assignment from President Stoddard to work with young single adults in Mainz. They will also be trained and prepared to contribute with financial management in the mission office in Frankfurt. Welcome to the Frankfurt Germany Mission! We are excited to have you here with us and to serve with you!

28 April 2015

Welcome to the Mission!

Today we welcomed Elder and Sister Newman into our mission. They arrived early this morning and have been spending part of the day in the mission office being oriented in their new assignment with President and Sister Stoddard, Elder and Sister Bangerter, Elder and Sister Woolsey, and the Tech Elders, They will be serving as the Young Single Adult couple here in Frankfurt and they will also be assisting the work in the mission office. Welcome to our mission!