28 October 2012

Missionaries will flood the earth :D

Fantastic increase in missionary applications!

"As Church leaders had anticipated when the change was announced, the number of individuals who have begun the missionary application process has increased significantly. Typically approximately 700 new applications are started each week. The last two weeks that number has increased to approximately 4,000 per week. Slightly more than half of the applicants are women."

"These are early numbers and it is difficult to say exactly where we will be over the coming months but we are grateful for the willingness of our members to make the sacrifice to serve people around the world. We recognize that Church members are interested to know additional details on the logistics of this change as discussed after the announcement and look forward to providing more details as the program moves forward."

 cited from Church Blog Post (emphasis added)

Wow that means an increase from about 100 applications a day to almost 600 a day!
We're excited to prepare and then finally meet all those new and motivated missionaries.
This is the work of God and he's working with us.

25 October 2012

President Monson in Germany

Special Conference with the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

The german speaking people and we as missionaries were blessed with a special visit from President Thomas S. Monson. The last two weeks President Monson visited Hamburg, Berlin, München and Frankfurt. All missionaries had the chance to see and hear from him at the special conferences held in these cities.
Düsseldorf and Dortmund Zones went to Hamburg; Erfurt Zone went to Berlin; Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Kaiserslautern and Nürnberg went to Frankfurt.
It was an awesome experience and everyone was strengthened by the powerful spirit.
Fantastic to be a missionary in Germany :)

To see the official church report and some nice pictures click on:

Präsident Monson in Deutschland (german)
President Monson in Germany (english)

10 October 2012

15 New Goldens Arrive!

Today we are happy to welcome 15 new missionaries into the Mission: Elders Brown, Boswell, Hardman, Hutschings, Isham, Markham, Meyer, Ockey, Peterson, Wardrop, Slagowski, Larson, Lunceford, Harris, and Sister Christensen. 

The new Elders and Sisters arriving at the airport

The new missionaries were put right to work and 
participated in a street preach shortly after their arrival

5 October 2012

Talent Survey and Phone Policy Update

Die Mission will wissen was für Talente ihr habt.  Es ist eine Chance eure Fähigkeiten im Dienst des Herrn zu nutzen. Bitte füllt diese Umfrage aus:


Please only take this survey if you are a full time missionary currently serving in the mission field.

Updated Phone Policy

President has issued an updated policy for the use of mission cell phones.  Please review some of the changes and then download this policy from the link, print it out, and put it in your area book.

Updated Mission Phone Policy