25 November 2013

Zum Geburtstag...

Viel Glück!

Happy Birthday, Sister Schwartz! Vielen Dank für alles, was du für uns machst! Und wir wünschen dir alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

Another transfer has flown by- we have updated the maps and the transfer roster will be ready soon. In the meanwhile, we have another Success Story!

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  1. I am so Glad to have found your blog I served in the Leipzig Germany mission from 1999-2001. I have yearned ever since I got home to stay up on on the work in that great land. I took up the challenge to call the missionaries in my area to get a list of all the people they are working with. There were 9 and I started praying for each by name. It gave me such a great feeling and spiritual strength then 3 weeks after I started I met the missionaries and 2 of the people off the list had gotten baptized. now I pray for their temple day. and look forward to calling again to get the newest list. Thanks to your blog I can now pray for investigators in your areas. I would love a follow up on the woman found by Elder Lietsalmi and Elder Pearson in Mannheim,