26 September 2013

Initiative Brain Storming

For the Missionaries in Frankfurt Germany Mission:

MLC Brainstorming regarding the initiatives-
  • Book of Mormon
    • Creative Finding – Find those that will actually read
    • Prep the Book – Highlight key Scriptures and passages
      • Don’t Give out Blank Copies
      • Include testimonies as well
        • Member Testimonies – Member appointment commitment
    • Find out the Ward Goal and make it visual
      • Put that many Books of Mormon in the Lobby
      • Acts as a happy reminder to the members
    • Combine Books of Mormon with quotes and QR Codes
    • Use the Free Book Shelves in the city (But only if it’s legal)
    • Reading Flash Mob with the members (JAE’s perchance?)
    • Inspired language study activities – Study in a Public place (park, library, etc.)
    • Street Displays
    • Always keep a Book of Mormon in the hand
    • Contact a Sunday School teacher and have a Sunday school Class on the Book of Mormon. Have the teacher commit the class to take a Book of Mormon and pass it out (Link up with the ward)
  • Street Displays and Firesides
    • Career Night
    • Highlight talents or abilities in the District or ward
    • Include nonmembers in Firesides. Find talents or life experiences in the community
    • Use Street Displays to advertise firesides
    • Make street displays consistent, if small
    • Always invite the members
  • Family History
    • Learn how to use it yourself first!
      • Visit the module on missionary.lds.org
      • Visit your local genealogy center to get an introductory lesson
      • Take time to get to know it even more
    • Print your fan chart or old pictures of your relatives to show in Finding situations or appointments
    • Set up a Family home Evening with family history. (Get the opinion leader JAE on board)
    • Involve QR Codes
    • Come together with people who already know how to do it (Genealogy or family history societies in the cities where you live)
    • Indexing service project or Indexing party with the youth
      • Plan ahead for an upcoming youth temple trip and talk to leaders beforehand to have a mutual activity on indexing and finding your own names to go to the temple with
  • Mormon Messages
    • QR Codes – Packet to carry around (forthcoming from Sis. Chard)
    • Personal Advertising
      • Patches, stickers, Buttons, etc.
    • Member Appointments (Investigator and less-Active as well)
      • Commitments – Share on Facebook
      • Chain Emails
    • Ward Activities
    • Quotes and QR Codes
  • Service Projects
    • 48% of Street contacts consent to giving out personal information when asked to join in a service project
    • Group up with other organizations
      • Do a Street Display to advertise
    • Go to the Stadthaus (Bürgeramt)
    • Senior Home
    • Animal Shelter
    • Get as many people together as possible
    • Talk to Business people (they’re oftentimes required by their companies to render service)
    • Random acts of service
      • Just do. Don’t ask.

20 September 2013


During MLC, a few intrepid Elders and Sisters battled against pouring rain and the raging beasts of the Frankfurt University to do a finding activity. The results were miraculous- about 30 potential investigators were found and not even a single Golden was lost! ... or... got lost, as it were...

The University Elders were nice enough to document the success for us- Check it out on the Success Stories page!

19 September 2013

Senior Missionary Picture Competition!

As per the APs' invitation, here are the submissions for the 'Most Beautiful Part of Your Area' picture competition!


                                  Koblenz and Braunfels- submitted by Elder Pferdner in Frankfurt

Rimpar and Würzburg- Submitted by Elder Neugebauer in Würzburg

7 September 2013

Look! We fixed the maps!

Last transfer, we experienced the highest amount of changes we've ever had here in the mission. Nearly every companionship got a change, and about 10 new areas were opened up. So, to keep you all in the loop, we finally got around to updating those mission maps! Go check them out on this link!

Oh, and pictures of the insanity of transfers are here! Check out the pictures section(s)!

4 September 2013

Writing to Your Missionary

Letters from home are gold out here in the field, but some are better than others. Here are some articles from the church with tips on how to write your missionary.

Letters and Packages can be sent to a missionaries appartment address, but it is better to send them to the mission office address. This way they won't get lost if a missionary gets transferred or if no one is there to pick the package up. Missionaries will get mail from the office each time someone comes from Frankfurt (Zone Conference, Missionary Leadership Council, etc.). It may seem like a long time to wait for it to be delivered from the office, but that's why it's important that there is a giant stack of letters waiting when your missionary finally gets his or her mail.