21 May 2015

Missionary Arrivals-20 May

We welcomed seven new missionaries into the mission on the May 20th.  They arrived at the airport around nine.  

President and Sister Stoddard greeted them at the airport, and afterward they were taken to the mission home.  At President Stoddard's home an orientation was led as well as interviews.  During they day the new missionaries also took part in a street display in downtown Germany!


The new arrivals with President and Sister Stoddard Stoddard!

Elder Russell
Elder Butler
Elder Stephen
Elder Hooper
Elder Myers
Elder Dowdy
Sister Hadfield

After their long day, all of them got to go to bed early at a hotel near the Frankfurt airport.  The next day around eight in the morning they met their trainer and then headed off to their new area!

Elder Butler with his trainer, Elder White

Elder Russell with his trainer, Elder Vogl

Elder Hooper with his trainer, Elder Peiffer

Elder Stephen with his trainer, Elder Murray

Elder Dowdy with his trainer, Elder Hatch

Elder Myers with his trainer, Elder Escholt

Sister Hadfield with her trainer, Sister Roderer

5 May 2015

Welcome Elder and Sister Jarrard

We are pleased to welcome Elder and Sister Jarrard to the Frankfurt Germany Mission! They arrived earlier today and they have received the assignment from President Stoddard to work with young single adults in Mainz. They will also be trained and prepared to contribute with financial management in the mission office in Frankfurt. Welcome to the Frankfurt Germany Mission! We are excited to have you here with us and to serve with you!