26 September 2013

Initiative Brain Storming

For the Missionaries in Frankfurt Germany Mission:

MLC Brainstorming regarding the initiatives-
  • Book of Mormon
    • Creative Finding – Find those that will actually read
    • Prep the Book – Highlight key Scriptures and passages
      • Don’t Give out Blank Copies
      • Include testimonies as well
        • Member Testimonies – Member appointment commitment
    • Find out the Ward Goal and make it visual
      • Put that many Books of Mormon in the Lobby
      • Acts as a happy reminder to the members
    • Combine Books of Mormon with quotes and QR Codes
    • Use the Free Book Shelves in the city (But only if it’s legal)
    • Reading Flash Mob with the members (JAE’s perchance?)
    • Inspired language study activities – Study in a Public place (park, library, etc.)
    • Street Displays
    • Always keep a Book of Mormon in the hand
    • Contact a Sunday School teacher and have a Sunday school Class on the Book of Mormon. Have the teacher commit the class to take a Book of Mormon and pass it out (Link up with the ward)
  • Street Displays and Firesides
    • Career Night
    • Highlight talents or abilities in the District or ward
    • Include nonmembers in Firesides. Find talents or life experiences in the community
    • Use Street Displays to advertise firesides
    • Make street displays consistent, if small
    • Always invite the members
  • Family History
    • Learn how to use it yourself first!
      • Visit the module on missionary.lds.org
      • Visit your local genealogy center to get an introductory lesson
      • Take time to get to know it even more
    • Print your fan chart or old pictures of your relatives to show in Finding situations or appointments
    • Set up a Family home Evening with family history. (Get the opinion leader JAE on board)
    • Involve QR Codes
    • Come together with people who already know how to do it (Genealogy or family history societies in the cities where you live)
    • Indexing service project or Indexing party with the youth
      • Plan ahead for an upcoming youth temple trip and talk to leaders beforehand to have a mutual activity on indexing and finding your own names to go to the temple with
  • Mormon Messages
    • QR Codes – Packet to carry around (forthcoming from Sis. Chard)
    • Personal Advertising
      • Patches, stickers, Buttons, etc.
    • Member Appointments (Investigator and less-Active as well)
      • Commitments – Share on Facebook
      • Chain Emails
    • Ward Activities
    • Quotes and QR Codes
  • Service Projects
    • 48% of Street contacts consent to giving out personal information when asked to join in a service project
    • Group up with other organizations
      • Do a Street Display to advertise
    • Go to the Stadthaus (Bürgeramt)
    • Senior Home
    • Animal Shelter
    • Get as many people together as possible
    • Talk to Business people (they’re oftentimes required by their companies to render service)
    • Random acts of service
      • Just do. Don’t ask.

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