24 June 2015

New Arrivals-June 24

  • We welcome ten new missionaries this transfer into the mission.  The three sisters came from the MTC in Preston, England, and the other seven elders came from the Provo, Utah, MTC.  We are excited to have all of them!
New missionaries at the Frankfurt Airport
  • After arriving at the airport the missionaries participated in a variety of activities throughout the day.  Orientation, interviews with President Stoddard, and lunch all took place at the home of President and Sister Stoddard.  The new arrivals also participated in a street display held in downtown Frankfurt.  

The New Missionaries with President and Sister Stoddard!

Elder Ewing
Elder Draper
Elder Downs
Elder Thaxton
Elder Flickinger
Elder Park
Elder Woolley
Sister Riser
Sister Bader
Sister Alves

  • After their long day, the new missionaries were taken to a hotel where they slept overnight.  Then the next day they were paired up with their trainers and sent to the new areas!

The New Missionaries with their Trainers!

Elder Park with his trainer Elder Webber

Elder Woolley with his trainer, Elder Bezzant

Elder Thaxton with his trainer, Elder Tischner

Elder Ewing with his trainer, Elder Morris

Elder Flickinger with his trainer, Elder Crittenden

Elder Downs with his trainer, Elder Sollis

Elder Draper with his trainer, Elder Andrus

Sister Alves with her trainer, Sister Rowe

Sister Riser with her trainer, Sister Godwin
Sister Bader with her trainer, Sister Hyatt

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