8 April 2015

Missionary Arrivals - 8 April 2015

Wednesday, April 8th, we welcomed nine new missionaries into our mission! They arrived at the airport in the morning around 9.00 am.

 After the new missionaries arrived, they were shuttled to the mission office where we had their mission orientation, followed by interviews with President Stoddard and a street display in downtown Frankfurt.
In the evening they enjoyed dinner at President Stoddard's house with all of their trainers, though no assignments had been made yet.

They all got to go to bed a little bit early to catch up on the sleep that they missed, and then Thursday morning they were paired with their trainers and received their first assignment to an area in the mission. Everyone being transferred from all areas in the mission met up in Frankfurt and then all the missionaries headed out on trains and buses to their new areas! May the Lord bless you!

Elder McKay with his trainer, Elder DeMass
Elder Davis with his trainer, Elder Ellis

Elder Domine with his trainer, Elder James

Sister Whicker with her trainer, Sister Terry

Elder Olson with his trainer, Elder Summerhays

Elder Rowe with his trainer, Elder Awerkamp

Sister Meyer with her trainer, Sister Pettitt

Elder Lesher with his trainer, Elder Palmer

Elder Kay with his trainer, Elder Meinhardt

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