12 August 2013

You mean, this blog actually UPDATES?!

Yes, that's right! We have loaded on some new material for missionaries and families alike! Check out some of our new stuff:

For the missionaries we have...
New missionary docs for proselyting purposes-
1. Preparing a Joint Teach Toolbox
2. Member Work Ideas
3. Hastening the Work Brochure- German and English
... how exactly does one spell 'Broschüre' in English? Well, whatever...
4. Leadership Manuals

For the families...
new pictures! Including a new Picture of the Week!
We are introducing our new page, as well: Success Stories of the Frankfurt Mission!
I'll be collecting a couple of miracle stories from missionaries around the Frankfurt mission, and posting them up for your enjoyment.

Thanks to all who have supplied us with these new materials!

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