29 April 2013

Example of a great letter to ward leaders

Dear Ward Leaders

Following impressions I received from the stake conference this past weekend I feel it important to extend an invitation to us as ward leaders, and for you to extend the same invitation to those you have a stewardship for, to involve the Lord more in our missionary efforts.
The Area Presidency have again designated June as a ‘month of invitation’. We are invited to be a part of that and I would encourage us all to use the coming fast Sunday to help us prepare for it. Sister Kearon taught us that if we pray to know who we can ‘rescue’ or invite, names will come into our mind. If we put this principle into practice I know that many lives will be blessed through our efforts. I suggest the following steps to help:

· At the start of your fasting take time to pray and ask the Lord for help to know who to invite to attend a sacrament meeting.
· Keep a pen and paper with you and note down any names that come to your mind. These names may come whilst you are still fasting and they may also come during the following days and weeks.
· Pray and ask for opportunities to invite those whose names you have noted down.
· Share the names and your plans to invite with somebody you trust
· Act on your promptings to invite the people and ‘do it’.
· Report back on what happened to the person you told your plans to.
· Involve the Lord in each stage so you can be guided by the Spirit.

We are blessed to ...
<For the whole letter see: Frankfurt International Ward>

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