22 January 2015

First Transfer of 2015!

WHOOO NEW GOLDENS! We welcomed 20 of them, to be exact.

Elder Tilley and Elder Stout

Sister Kemlage and Sister Schuring

Sister Morse and Sister Watkins

Elder Priest and Elder Dean

Elder Blackwell and Elder Shively

Sister Landeen and Sister Johnson

Elder Watts and Elder Ishimatsu

Elder Neary and Elder Taylor

Elder Taylor and Elder Hudson

Elder Hatch and Elder Mitchell

Elder Mc Bride and Elder Thurgood

Elder Lowe and Elder Ninow

Sister Funk and Sister Pettitt

Sister Davis and Sister Shurts

Elder Bolek and Elder Hall

Elder Murphy and Elder McKeever

Elder Clawson and Elder Harrison

Elder Kenley and Elder Anderson

Elder Fialho and Elder Faloon

Elder Bruneel and Elder Leppert

And here's our wonderful group of leavers! Best of luck in the adventures ahead. You will be missed!

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